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VIDEO - The time is now

Our time is now so just do it.

We don't need anyone's permission to start treating each other better. Stop obeying orders and be excellent to each other. That's all it takes to change the world. It's not complicated.



Video: The time is now - part 1



Video: The time is now - part 2

Would you like to live is a happy, peaceful world where everyone is free and always has enough?

My controversial little book sets out practical strategies YOU can implement straight away to make it happen. These are things we can all do TODAY without needing government approval, although I include a few government level ideas too.

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Love not Fear

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We don't have to hurtle headlong into totalitarianism. We can GET OFF OUR KNEES and do something about it. in my controversial little book, Love Not Fear, I explain how we can peacefully take back control and stop it all happening. This book isn't for babies. It will take some real men and real women to make the radical changes that need to be made, but we can do it.

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