Love not Fear
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About Me

My mission in life is to inspire people worldwide to be excellent to eachother, to respect eachother's countries and cultures, and to live in peace with eachother and with Mother Earth. I love this planet and all her people so I demand the very best for tolerant, loving people everywhere.

We live on such a beautiful planet. Life should be glorious, yet many of us are not experiencing that glory.

If only we could live together in peace. If only we could all care for each-other. If only we could find a way to overcome our fears and our egos. If only we could be excellent to each-other and spread our love, then we really could experience the glory of living in Utopia.

So what's stopping us? I write books that examine some of the obstacles in our way and suggest strategies for moving forward, together, into the glorious future we all deserve.

Love not Fear

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paperback version (USA)

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