Love not Fear
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Let's get started

So let's start loving and being excellent and generous to each other.
Let's start right now.

But, I hear you say, its not easy being excellent to people who are being rotten to us.

No its not, I quite agree. Some of us may feel up to turning the other cheek and sending love to all the takers, bigots and haters, and that's wonderful, but some of us are not quite there yet.

But if we don't start now then when? If we wait for other people to change first we will wait forever. So it may well be easier, for now, to ignore all the mean, bigoted, selfish people and just be excellent to each-other, to the people who share our dream.

There are lots of different ways we can get started. What I want to share with you here is my original idea, the one I first came up with back in the 1990s. I certainly don't intend it as any kind of diktat. It's just a springboard from which your own beautiful ideas may arise.

Back in the 1990s I wanted an island. All around the perimeter was woodland / forest / jungle.

There was a large circular clearing in the centre, several hectares, which was divided up like the slices of pizza. Each roughly triangular slice / plot was the responsibility of one named person who would be invited to build a house, a dwelling, there. That person would farm there and also carry on whatever manufacturing or other activities the person wanted to do. Perhaps the group's doctor would build a surgery or hospital there. The potter would set up a kiln and the artist a studio. The initial population of the island would have to chosen carefully to provide all essential services and a few luxury ones too.

At the heart of the circle, where all the plots convergence, was a smaller circle. This was to be the location of the municipal buildings, and the market.This would include a clubhouse where people could meet for social, as well as formal occasions such as the monthly meeting of the parliament. The group would be run as a direct democracy, rather than a representative democracy, so there would be no politicians or representatives. Everyone would speak for themselves and have one vote. Nobody would have any power over anyone else. Everything would be permitted unless specifically banned and there could never be more than one hundred laws. In order to pass a new law an existing one would have to be repealed.

Perhaps the initial ten laws could be based on the Ten Pillars I have suggested in this book -

The Ten Pillars of Utopia

Pillar 1 - Be excellent to each-other and to the environment.

Pillar 2 - Universal Equality.

Pillar 3 - Tolerance and respect for all other broad-minded, tolerant people.

Pillar 4 - Respect our planet and all her natural systems.

Pillar 5 - Co-operation and good will between free, independent nations and free, independent citizens everywhere.

Pillar 6 - Truth.

Pillar 7 - Absolute freedom of religious belief and religious practices so long as it doesn't violate the other pillars.

Pillar 8 - Generosity - no money or barter, just freely giving and freely receiving. Pillar 9 - Fair, people-centric, democratic government where no individual has authority over anyone else. Pillar 10 - Maintain a stable population.

The market would be the place that everybody would bring their goods, whether manufactured or grown, to give away on set days every week

The ownership of the plots would of course depend on the temperament of the people in the group, and the wider legal environment in which the group existed. Maybe the island would come under the jurisdiction of a country and that country's laws would have to be complied with although having our own sovereign teritory would of course be ideal.

I envisaged some kind of leasehold whereby the lease would revert back to the group under certain conditions, such as violation of the fundamental principles of the group as agreed in democratic parliamentary sessions.

Everyone would be eager to contribute to the best of their ability although the elderly and infirm would be totally respected. It would be sufficient for elderly people to contribute their lifetime of experience.

I understood from the very beginning that on an island, one of the biggest dangers would be overpopulation. Each plot would be big enough to support one working age adult, one elder and one child. Couples would have two adjacent plots and plots could be swapped. However, if one couple was unsociable enough to have more than two children leading to those plots being divided, and maybe divided again and divided again to accommodate successive generations, soon we would have an impoverished, starving population.

So one of the fundamental principles of the group was that plots could never be divided, although the plots could be swapped by mutual consent. So unless there was a childless couple on the island, if any couple had more than two children, then at maturity one of those children would have to leave the island. This may seem harsh, but it's the only way I can see this thing working.

The woodland would be open to everyone, a place where anybody can go to collect fire wood, or for recreation. Also, if it agrees with the founding principles of that particular group, hunting for food would be permitted there.

Of course your ideas may vary from mine, your vision may be very different from mine, and that's fine. I put my vision forward as a springboard for further ideas. I'm not putting myself forward as some kind of dictator.

So what are we actually going to do?

If anyone reading this book has an island or an estate or some other suitable piece of land I hope you will consider starting such a community.

Another approach could be to get the people together first and then to discuss ways to raise the money to buy the land. Make a list of all the skills you will need and ensure that there is at least one person in the group who can provide each one.

A third approach could be to have an unsited membership group based around a town or village where you could establish a weekly free market where members could meet to give away their produce to each other. A variation of this could be an internet based group along the lines of

There are hundreds of groups and communities allready in existence all over the globe. Many are experiencing various degrees of government persecution. This is especially true in America. Keep going. I believe that when we reach a certain critical mass governments will fall for the same reason the Roman Empire fell, too much groundswell resistance to their tyranny coupled with the high cost of maintaining the forces of oppression.

Yes governments have their forces of oppression, police, army, national guard, but we have a powerful weapon too. One of the main ways that the Globalist Elite control us is by making us believe that we have no power to influence our own lives and the world in general.

We create our reality from our beliefs and perceptions. Second by second, minute by minute, our perceptions and beliefs are being manipulated, by media, educational institutions and by our peers.

We swim in a sea of information, except that some of us are drowning in it. Some of that information serves us well but a lot of it does not.

Our ideas about what is possible or probable for us comes from that information stream. We manifest what we think and FEEL about the most. If we are living in fear we will manifest more scary situations. When we live in love we manifest more loving, supportive situations.

So if we believe that we are powerless, we will manifest being powerless. We will fail to see the opportunities that are open to us and we will feel stuck and helpless. That experience will be our mirror. We will project our victimhood into the mirror and that's what the mirror will reflect back as us as our lives.

That's why censorship is such an important weapon for the Globalist Elite to use against us. They don't want us to see the whole picture. They must restrict our perception to the narrow band that supports the beliefs they want us to have. They want to keep us in perpetual fear, in victim consciousness.

The Globalist Elite want us to live limited lives in which we seem to be victims of circumstance. That way we look to them to solve our problems for us, problems they created for us in the first place. That's how the mouse trap works.

We get stuck in a fake feedback loop where fear makes us create more scary, hopeless situations to reinforce our perception that life is dangerous and hopeless. And around and around we go, getting ever more fearful and hopeless, until someone shouts STOP !!!

Wel I am shouting STOP right now. We are many and they are few. If thousands of us, millions of us, refuse to be censored, build our own platforms, vow to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, our perceptions will change and their game will be over. We can build and alternative society where we never need to fear again because we all take care of each other. Who's with me?

What we call the physical world is 99.99999% empty space. If you were the nucleus of a hydrogen atom, your single election would be several miles away.

It has been estimated that if we took all 7.7 billion people on earth, and removed all the empty space inside their atoms and between their atoms, the entire human race would fit into a single sugar cube. Just think about that.

You can never actually touch anything. All elections are negatively charged and like charges repel. The elections in your fingers repel the election in the thing you think you are touching, that's all. It's not reality.

Albert Einstein famously said "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one "

Sir James Jeans said "The universe begins to look more like a great thought than a great machine".

The physical world is an illusion. The hidden truth of reality is that this is a universe built on pure energy, pure consciousness. It only appears solid to us because that's how our brains are programmed to perceive and sense it. So why do we continue to behave as if this wasn't true?

Why do we continue to use the old paradigm when trying to solve our problems and change our world? Why do we continue to fignt against everything that is wrong? Mother Teresa understood this when she said "I will not participate in an anti-war rally". She understtod this stuff. What we give our energy to expands, what we withdraw our energy from contracts. Fighting against a thing is to feed it energy.

The more we fight against globalism, poverty, environmental degradation, animal cruelty, corrupt politicians, injustice and hatred, the more we fuel those things.

We live in a universe of energy and consciousness. Fighting the darkness only perpetuatrs it because that's the way reality actually works. Our consciousness creates our physical reality.

" Hatred never ceases by hatred, but by love alone is healed. " - The Buddha

Our collective consciousness is co-creating our planet's future, moment by moment. No amount of fighting and protesting and campaigning will create real lasting change as long as there's anger and hatred and resistance in our hearts.

In the immortal words of Martin Luther King, Jr., "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. "

So let's stop thinking about everything that is wrong with the world and focus our attention, our energy, on the future we are trying to bring about. Focus on the utopia I have described in this book. Think about it constantly, meditate upon it, visulise it day and night. Our daily focused attention really can create a peaceful world rooted in Love Not Fear.

So how about starting a local group where you live, in your own village, town or city? Maybe you can find members through or social media.

You could meet once a week to make friends and discuss how to help one-and-other. The important thing is for every member to agree to abide by the ten pillars of utopia, or at least as many of them as are piratical for a small group.

So let's make a start, right now. Let me know if you are forming a group or have formed one and I will post the details on our website and in the next edition of this book.

One great idea we can talk about in our groups is to set up Goodwill Markets where people bring the goods they have made or grown themselves. Visitors can buy the goods in the usual way but stallholders can take what they want from other stalls free of charge.

As the name implies this would require a great deal of goodwill and there would have to be a mechanism for banning persistent abusers.

There would also have to be a means of including local service providers such as the local doctor, dentist, bus company, lawyer etc., etc.

Michael Tellinger has a similar vision to my own. He wants to start with a pilot town, somewhere in the world, that can transition into a money free society.

I am a bit reluctant to recommend Tellinger wholeheartedly because some of his ideas are, in my humble opinion, a bit too far fetched. For instance he is a flat-earther, he believes that the moon is just a holographic projection and that the Mars rovers are a NASA conspiracy to hoodwink us. He could be right. Who knows? But we certainly don't have to buy into everything he says in order to benefit from his wisdom about a money-free society. He probably thinks some of my ideas are wacky too but there you go. Life would be boring if we all agreed about everything. Nevertheless, his ideas for a money free society are well worth looking into and dovetail neatly into my own.

He started his Ubuntu Movement a full 12 years before I wrote the first edition of this book, yet I did not become aware of it until two years after publication. Tellinger's idea is to start a pilot scheme in one small town or village, somewhere in the world, with the cooperation of the local mayor whereas my idea is to keep as a grass roots movement of individual people without any government involvement, not even local government. Nevertheless it certainly can't hurt to have the local mayor, and the Planning Office, on board. We both agree that we need people to set up local groups, maybe through, where we can talk about these issues. Anyway I strongly recommend that you take a look at Tellinger's website and sign up for his newsletter.

Tellinger's movement and mine are certainly not mutually exclusive. Let's work together to bring about a better tomorrow for us all and our descendents.

You can find my own Towards Utopia Movement at -

Thank you. Together we really can change the world.

Be excellent to each-other
Jack Cox
Founder of the Towards Utopia Movement

Love not Fear

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