Love not Fear
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This world is broken

This world is broken. Everything about it is broken. The very basis of our society and of our economic system is broken. The trouble is that its all been broken for so long that everyone thinks its normal. I do wonder what a visitor from another planet would make of us. I know what I make of us and its not polite.

Now I'm certainly not claiming to be from another planet (despite what some of you might think) but I can see a better, more loving way forward. Perhaps you will share my vision, or maybe not, that's your choice and I respect it, but please do read my little book with an open mind before deciding.

If we were all excellent to eachother there would be no poverty. If we saw someone worse off than ourselves we would give them a little of what we had. We wouldn't need to give them very much because everyone in the area would be giving them something. They would be back on their feet in no time. But it doesn't happen like that. Why?

Two reasons. The first cause is that there are selfish, greedy people in the world, sure there are, but most of us are good, decent folk. But the good, decent people, many of them, most of the time, ignore the poverty and suffering of others too. There must be a second cause. What is it? I believe that it is fear. We live in a world of fear, mostly fear of poverty and debt. We fear we may lose our job or our business, that we will no longer be able to service our credit card debt or our mortgage. If we were not living in fear ourselves we would be much quicker to help others.

The irony of this old, worn out paradigm, of our old, worn out culture of fear, is that if we did all help one and other, we would be confident others would help us too and there would be no more fear. And being free of fear we would be free to help eachother. So the remedy to the problem lies in our own hands. Each and every one of us can start today to help others more.

The rich globalist elite thrive on our fear. They use our fear as a tool to sell us goods we don't need, shipped from the other side of the planet, paid for on credit we can't afford . They use fear to make us vote at election time for dishonest politicians who are more a part of the problem than of the solution. They use fear to keep us as debt slaves, working for fifty years at jobs where we have little control, to pay for the right to live on our own planet.

There really is a sucker born every minute and those suckers are us, every one of us. Actually more than 200,000 new suckers are born every single day (that the net figure, 360,000 babies are born every day and 151,600 people die). 200,000 more debt slaves for the rich, globalist elite. Just let that sink in for a moment, just for a moment.

If we really loved them we would not permit them to become debt slaves but what can we do about it?

Love not Fear

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