Love not Fear
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The Globalist Elite

I talk a lot about the Globalist Elite and the Deep State in my books but who exactly are they?

You probably already know of them by another name such as the Cabal or the Illuminati. Some say they are just an informal bunch of high ranking Freemasons. Whatever you call them, we are talking about the people who attend Bilderberg Group conferences and Bohemian Grove rituals.

There have been many different, interconnected secret societies throughout recorded history and even earlier. The term the Illuminati really is just a shorthand, collective term for all these different people. It is said that their ultimate goal is world domination by inflicting a totalitarian world government upon us. I believe this is true.

Governments in Britain, Europe, America and other places have done too many stupid things to be credible. Two world wars, not to mention the invasion of Iraq which directly caused the formation of Isis as well as fuelling the refugee crisis that is now destabilising the western world. This has been a deliberately engineered crisis to further the globalist agenda.

We would have to be completely blind not to see a pattern unfolding. Especially so when we consider the mounting evidence that the so-called 9/11 assault on the Twin Towers in New York may well have been a false flag attack.

The globalist elite take our freedoms by inflicting fear and then offering fake solutions that rob us of our power. They are behind both sides of all wars. They are behind mass immigration and terrorism. And they were behind the Great Depression and all subsequent recessions.

David Icke has done a very thorough job tracing their bloodlines all the way back to ancient Babylon and Sumer. If you are interested I strongly recommend his book The Truth Shall Make You Free and others. David Icke is a brilliant writer, speaker and researcher but sometimes, in my own humble opinion, he goes a bit too far. He gets some things wrong sometimes, as do I, as do we all. Please don't let this distract you from the core truths unearthed by his excellent research. You don't need to believe everything he says, and I most certainly don't, in order to benefit from his research into the Globalist Elite families and the control they wield in the world.

You might also like to check out writers such as Edwin Black and Jim Marrs. I particularly recommend Edwin Black's books, especially The Farhud, if you are interested in the connections between the Arabs and Nazi Germany. I am not telling you what to believe, I am not too sure myself, I am just pointing you to three rather different viewpoints so you can decide for yourself. Whatever the details, something very fishy is definitely afoot.

I believe that nearly all presidents and prime ministers have been members of Globalist Elite families, as have the captains of industry, bankers and media barons and royal families. They control everything. Again please refer to Icke, Black and Marrs, and my book Rupert Murdoch's Hitmen for full details.

The more you study and research these things the more hopeless it seems. The Globalist Elite control everything, our banking system, our education system, our industry, our entertainment industry, our military, our political system. Everyone is playing their game, singing their tune, we are all being played and controlled.

It would be so easy to just give up hope and surrender to their globalist agenda. But before you decide to throw in towel please consider this. They are few and we are many. If we all stand up, united, shoulder to shoulder and just refuse to comply they lose and we win. We just have to say NO MORE, we didn't devise this game and we are not playing it any longer.

Ironically that great illuminati Grand Master and founder of the Jesuit movement, Saint Ignatius of Loyola (1491 - 1556), gave us the key to defeating the globalist elite. His famous prayer begins with the following words "Teach us, good Lord, to serve you as you deserve, to give and not to count the cost, ... to toil and not to seek for rest, to labour and not to ask for any reward."

Clearly he meant for us to give to the Illuminati, in its guise as the Christian church, without any reward but if we take his words literally we really can beat the globalist elite. (I am not attacking Christians here. I have great respect for genuinely religious people of all faiths. I refer only to the self-serving elite who have infiltrated these groups and turned then into authoritarian institutions).

The illuminati own the world's banking system. It's their main tool of control. They lend us money they don't have and charge us interest on it. What kind of sick mind could devise a scam such as credit? They lend us money that doesn't really exist (banks can lend ten times more than they have in reserve, and it's legal) to buy a house and when we can't make our repayments on time they steal the house and make us homeless. That can't possibly be right.

By keeping us in debt, and in fear of defaulting on the debt, they turn us into slaves. The globalist elite use debt to keep us in slavery so let's stop borrowing money for a start. Then, in a few years time, let's go the whole hog and stop using money altogether. That will upset 'em!

Let's give to each-other and not count the cost. Let's toil for each-other and not ask for any reward.

We won't need any reward because everyone else will be giving to us and toiling for us freely and generosity too. We just need to stop competing among ourselves and start co-operating. Stop fighting each-other over who has the best religion or who should be in charge and just start being excellent to each-other.

Light and Darkness - Some people like to think in terms of the forces of light battling the forces of darkness. While it's important not to associate these forces with any particular religion or political group the idea can be a useful one. We can think of the good, loving, generous, broad-minded, tolerant people of the world, the forces of light, in a struggle with the globalist elite, the forces of darkness. We don't do battle with guns and bombs of course. We are here to spread our love and light, not to spread hatred.

Beware however that one of the tactics used by the globalist elite is to accuse those critical of their plans of so-called hate speech. It ain't necessarily so. Before you can shine your light into the darkness you need to know where the darkness is. How can pointing that out to folk possibly be hate speech? Well I shine my light into many dark corners in this book.

We can only defeat the forces of darkness with love and light. We can spread our love and light daily through acts of kindness. We can also raise our vibration through meditation. I like to begin and end each day with a love and light meditation where I focus on becoming a beacon of love and light.

The time has come to set ourselves free from the globalist elite. Who's with me?

Love not Fear

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