Love not Fear
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The Rise Of The Robots

Tired of the 9 to 5 grind? Fed up with working your arse off just to make a rich man or woman even richer? Relax. Chances are that problem won't be bothering you much longer.

Your job will soon be taken by a robot. Robotics are playing an increasing role in manufacturing industry as well as other sectors but who will benefit?

Lets begin by looking briefly at basic economics. Karl Marx wrote a lot of daft things but he did make some sensible observations too. He wrote about power and wealth belong to the owners of the means of production.

Early in the Industrial Revolution this meant that the rich factory owners held all the cards and could create a society that served their needs. They would share as little wealth as they could get away with, with the workers, keeping them in perpetual poverty. This is the classic capitalist model.

The leaders of the Russian Revolution promised to overturn capitalism by bringing the ownership of the means of production into the hands of the people. Great idea, except that was not what they did. Instead they put the ownership of the means of production into the hands of the government. They created a centrally planned, communist society. The people had simply exchanged one oppressor for another.

Communism has pretty much failed everywhere its been tried and the watered down versions of socialism that do survive are struggling. Coming up to the more technological societies we have today, highly qualified and specialised workers can demand higher wages but unless they own the means of production they are still playing the rich man's game. Over the next fifty years or so robots will be taking more and more people's jobs. Workers will lose out while those who own the robots will do very well for themselves.

There is a growing cry from the political left to give socialism another go, to over-tax the rich and provide welfare benefits to the unemployed masses keeping them as vessels of the state.

Even more sinister is Agenda 21/30 which seeks to kill off the vessels of the state, billions of them. Agenda 21/30 is an action plan of the United Nations with regard to sustainable development. It is a product of the Earth Summit held in Rio de Janei-ro, Brazil, in 1992. Some of its wider and more sinister implications include depopulating vast areas of the globe.

Let's face facts, our planet is seriously over populated. We desperately do need to reduce our numbers, urgently. But do we really need to be culled? Are we really so stupid that we can't control our own urge to reproduce?

The problem with both communist and capitalist economic systems is that as the birth rate drops, we end up with an unsustainable transition period were there are insufficient working age people to support a disproportionate number of pensioners.

But there is a better way, not communism, not socialism, not capitalism but a totally new approach to the problem. We can, if we chose, build a totally free, democratic society with small, light handed governments that obey the people.

Robots will soon take many of our jobs but there is a positive side too. Robots will do most of the work freeing their owners to enjoy more leisure time. Their owners will be able to programme their robots to make them whatever they need. Who will those lucky owners be? That's the big question. Will they be the same people who own the factories now? Or will they be some domineering, totalitarian government of the future?

Or will we choose today to start to build a more egalitarian future? A society where the robots serve the people, not the governments and not the capitalists but every single one of us. A future without money or barter where we all freely give and freely receive.

But what about human nature? What about the cheaters? Richard Dawkins, author of The Selfish Gene, wrote about the cheaters and the suckers. Won't they run amok in a free society?

I admit it's a risk but I also believe that thieves and con-artists are motivated by fear, the fear of not having enough of life's riches and the fear of not being good enough to make an honest living. Some, of course, are just afraid of hard work.

In a society where everything is free for the taking and most of the hard graft is done my autonomous machines, what remains to motivate the cheaters? Not much. The truth is that there is more than enough wealth to go around. Poverty, lack and austerity are artificial constructs designed to keep us in debt slavery. It's all a conspiracy by the globalist elite. It's not real.

So let's get rid of money, banksters and accountants and start to enjoy the bounty this planet has to offer. It's our birth right after all. Right now, as I write this updated paragraph in March 2020, we are being urged to stop using cash in case it spreads disease. They want us to use plastic money instead so they can keep tabs on everything we earn and everything we spend. What a con! So instead of just giving up cash, let's give up money altogether. That'll fuk 'em.

The great thing about this new idea is that we don't need to lobby the government to make it happen. We can begin small today and watch it grow. We can begin today just by treating people better, being generous to each other, being excellent to each other. The more we can freely give and freely receive among each other, and the more we can avoid using money and the banks, the more power we can wrestle out of the hands of the globalist elite and the governments they control.

When we still do need to buy stuff, let's make sure, as far as possible, that it's locally produced. Little by little we can do this, we can win. We will win!

Love not Fear

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