Love not Fear
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The ancient Greeks had a legend

"The ancient Greeks had a legend that all things were created by love. Everyone was happy because love was everywhere. All vide with the other to make those around him happy. Then one night while love slept, fear crept in and with it came disease and lack and unhappiness for where love attracts, fear repels. Love gives freely while fear is afraid that there will not be enough, so holds on to everything it has."

from The Magic Word by Robert Collier.

But a better way is possible.

Just imagine how much better life would be if we no longer lived in fear, if we no longer made each other afraid.

Just imagine how much higher we could all live if, instead of doing each other down, we all helped raise each other up.

How much richer we could all be, how much happier, how much safer we could all feel.

Hurt people hurt people and frightened people threaten and intimate people.

Wouldn't it be great if we no longer lived in fear?

Wouldn't it be great if we were all excellent to each other?

It's the 21st century FFS! Isn't it about time we stopped living by the law of the jungle and started living by the law of love?

Every day we are presented with choices. Every day we get to choose whether to move the world a little bit closer to hell or heaven, to utopia or dystopia. It's our choice.

When we see someone struggling, we can help him up or we can see an opportunity to gain at his expense. It's up to us.

Ask yourself "what kind of world do I want to live in?" Choose wisely.

Can we please help each other more and try not to hurt or scare anyone.

A better way is possible.

We live on such a beautiful planet. Life should be glorious, yet many of us are not experiencing that glory.

If only we could live together in peace. If only we could all care for each-other. If only we could find a way to overcome our fears and our egos. If only we could be excellent to each-other and spread our love, then we really could experience the glory of living in Utopia.

So what's stopping us? In this controversial book I examine some of the obstacles in our way and suggest strategies for moving forward, together, into the glorious future we all deserve.

Come with me on this journey and let's build that utopian world together by being excellent to each other and spreading our love.

Thank you for reading this little book. May it bring much love and joy into your life. Please share it with as many friends and colleagues as possible. It is a great little book.

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Love not Fear

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