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The Black Lives Matter / Antifa race riots

by Jack Cox

People have been asking me to respond to these Black Lives Matter / Antifa race riots that have been going on all over the world. vandalising public property and destroying businesses, many of which were owned by black people anyway.

The media insist on called them anti-racism protests. What a joke. The aim of these riots is very racist indeed. The aim is to reopen old wounds and spread racial hatred towards white people.

They want to blame white people for everything that's gone wrong, now and in the past. Some of the supporters I've spoken to even say black people can't be racist and there's no such thing as anti-white racism. Well you can't get any more racist than to have a racist definition of racism. Can you?

Of course anti-white racism is a thing, a very real thing, and these riots are a perfect demonstration of it.

So what do Black Lives Matter actually want? Well, if you go onto their website you will see that what they really want is to bring about a Marxist regime, bring down capitalism, remove funding from the police, close prisons and undermine the nuclear family. in short to totally destroy the fabric of society.

So no I do not support them and I would urge you not to either. There are much better ways to combat racism.

I totally oppose any organisation or individual who tries to divide society, start a race war or cause people to hate each other.

The mainstream media's role in this has been deplorable, whipping up hatred and division at every opportunity, stating the skin colour of every black victim of any crime, while remaining silent about the skin colour of any white victim, pointing out the skin colour of any white perpetrator, especially when a black person is the victim, but remaining silent when a white person is the victim of a black person's crime. The whole thing is designed to whip up hatred, and division.

And yes I do mean designed. These aren't just random events sparked off by the killing of a black man in America. George Floyd's killing has nothing to do with it anyway. It certainly wasn't a racist murder. Four cops, four different races. How could it possibly be a racist killing? Come on.

There are even stories circulating that the victim and the cop who actually did the kneeling on the neck, had personal history and this was a revenge killing. According to this story they had worked together as bouncers at a nightclub. There was even a rumour that the black fellow had slept with the white fellow's wife. I don't know whether that's true or not but either way, there's no possibility m turning this into a racist crime. But Black Lives Matter have used this as an excuse to spread their Marxist agenda.

Yes, there's a plan. There's a plan that has been unfolding in our world for a very long time. A plan to concentrate all wealth and power into the hands of a handful of top families, the Rothschilds, Morgans, Rockefellers, Windsors and a few others. You don't have to buy into all the conspiracy theory stuff. You just have to have open eyes to see a pattern unfolding.

I'm nearly 70 now and I look back over events that seemed random at the time and the pattern is clear to see. Long before I was born, just after World War One, came the Treaty of Versailles (January 1920) and subsequent Treaty of Sèvres, (August 1920) which abolished the Ottoman Empire and obliged Turkey to renounce all rights over Arab Asia and North Africa, caving up those territories, mostly between Britain and France. One of those territories was Palestine.

Palestine was to enter the world stage once more after World War Two when Britain gave part of it to the Jews to make a new homeland for themselves. This is the real reason BLM hates Winston Churchill.

The State of Israel was formed to give Jews a home, a nation, to call their own and as far as that goes I'm all for it. The Jews deserve to have a homeland and yes, it's right that's it should be based around their holy city and ancient capital of Jerusalem. But unfortunately that is not as far as it goes. There was a price tag of which few of the good Jewish people were aware that was to use Israel as the base for the Zionist order.

Now I'm very wary normally about using the word Zionist because it has two quite distinct meanings. Literally, it just means creating a homeland for the Jews. That has now been achieved. But there is another way that word is used and that is to refer to what some people call the New World Order.

It's absolutely wrong, and has long been the cause of much anti-semitism to claim that Jews are behind the New Worl Order. It was this false belief that led Hitler to murder six million Jews. Yes, the Rothschilds are heavily involved in it. Yet there is some evidence (beyond the scope of this article) to show that the family was not originally Jewish. Apparently rhe family changed its name a few centuries back, so as to hijack the Zionist movement. Please research the details for yourselves.

Fast forward to the second Gulf War. I'm sure we all remember the events that happened in New York on the 11th of September 2001 when three huge office blocks were demolished killing nearly three thousand people. They were supposed to have been brought down by aeroplanes and yes aeroplanes may well have been involved but aeroplanes alone could not have accounted for that much damage.

They say every war begins with a false flag attack and George W. Bush had been itching to finish his father's war in Iraq. Not only him either. Tony Blair was chafing at the bit too. What had any of this have to do with Britain? Yes they are NATO allies but that hardly accounts for Blair's great enthusiasm. Bush and Blair clearly shared the same hidden agenda.

Of course 9/11 had nothing to do with Iraq but Bush & Blair twisted that tragedy in the same way BLM are twisting the death of George Floyd now. Magically Saddam Hussein suddenly had weapons of mass destruction, capable of hitting Europe in 15 minutes. That was a load of crap of course. A weapons inspector, Dr. David Kelly, mysteriously committed suicide, supposedly, after pointing out there were no weapons of mass destruction. Kelly was the distinguished government scientist who hunted down weapons of mass destruction of the kind used by the Blair government to justify the 2003 war with Iraq. The problem was the Saddam Hussein government did not have them and pointing out that inconvenient fact cost him his life.

Tony Blair, and George W. Bush cooked the whole thing up. I think sexed up was expression at the time. By using two lies they had an excuse for a war, a war that led to the destabilisation of the Middle East and the creation of Daesh.

And all that set off a chain reaction that led to millions of Muslim refugees flooding into Europe. Not to other safe Muslim countries. What do you think that was all about? The population balance now in European countries is far different than it was before 9/11 which has led to huge racial unrest. Why? Thanks to Mr. Blair we had this crazy concept of multiculturalism. Now I'm all for countries being multi-ethnic. I think that's a great thing. I'm no racist. But multicultural? Really? Do you really think that radically different cultures with radically different values can happily coincide in the same place? Really?

Surely newcomers have a responsibility to learn and adopt the traditions and cultures of their new country. But no, suddenly they were told they didn't need to do that. They didn't need to try and fit in or integrate. They could stick out like sore thumbs as much as they wanted. They could rub the native population up the wrong way all they liked and if anyone complained they were called racist!.

Believe me, racial hatred is seldom caused by racism. It is cause by newcomers, not integrating, not fitting in, and upsetting their hosts. And now what do we have? We have this awful Marxist organisation Black Lives Matter, picking on a non-racist killing to stir up hatred against white people. And if anyone complains they get called racist!.

You would need to be absolutely blind not to see a pattern here. We are being played. The pattern is to divide and conquer. It's been the game all along, divide and conquer. So whenever I see any organisation trying to divide and conquer, to set good people against each other, I know they are part of this master plan. The master plan to destabilise the whole world, bring down nations, and install a totalitarian one world government controlled by a tiny handful of elite families.

So what can we do about it? There is only one way to beat the dividers and that is to unite. We are all brothers and sisters. We should all love each other, help each other and support each other, including financially where needed. Let's forget about race, identity politics and all this divide and rule nonsense. Let's come together and build a new world. We can do this! Love Not Fear.

Love not Fear

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