Love not Fear
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World Peace

Can you imagine a world without war? We've been led to believe that war is normal, a part of being human. Well, it's not.

And political suppression isn't normal either, nor is poverty. There's enough food to feed the entire world. The problem is uneven distribution of the Earth's resources because of greed. And greed is caused by fear.

Taxes are not normal, indeed money itself is not normal. Money is just a way of keeping score, of knowing who is winning and who is losing in the game of greed and meanness.

Can you even begin to understand how generous we could all be if we weren't living in fear, if we knew all our needs would be met and nobody was out to get us? Can you even begin to imagine what fair distribution of wealth would be like if we lived in Love Not Fear? Not distributed by governments but by peer to peer generosity, among free, independent people freed from fear.

If we all respected each other and each other's national borders we could live in peace. It's the responsibility of every single one of us to make it happen. Tolerant, generous, respectful people would have nothing to fight and kill for, there would be no need to cheat or steal, nothing to get hung up about. You may say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one.

Love not Fear

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