Love not Fear
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Money Is The Root Of All Meanness

We are trying to build a world where people earn respect and status according to what they put into society, instead of what they take out for themselves. The focus has to be on how much we can give, not how much we can get.

Money is about meanness, it’s really just a way of saying I will ONLY give you this if you give me that.

Is it really human nature to be so mean or have we been conned somewhere along the way? Have we been instilled with a fake and unfounded fear, a fear that enables the Globalist Elite to control us?

What would happen if we tried something different? I'll give you this because I have two and you have none and you look like you could use one.

That would bring down the whole corrupt system. It would cause a revolution. We need a peaceful revolution to destroy the power of the Globalist Elite so let's give it go.

This is not communism or socialism. Far be it for me to support communism. I consider communism to be an evil system. Having said that I love the communist manifesto For each according to his ability, to each according to his need. That's beautiful. It's simply another way of saying that we are all our brother's keeper. It's just the communist implementation of this beautiful idea which is ugly. It all goes wrong when that beautiful seed idea is administered by government.

Politics is corrupting and all governments, by their very nature, become corrupt. But if we lived in an informal gift economy, with no money and nobody keeping score, with everybody doing what they could for each other and taking what was offered by others according to their need, we would live in paradise. It's only when governments get involved that the whole thing goes tits up. Communism is supposed to be about the people holding all the wealth collectively but what it really is, is the government holding all the wealth and turning the people into slaves.

What I am talking about is people owning their own wealth but being generous with it. This puts the people in control, each and every one of us individually. It's about us all taking care of each other without interference from any government or welfare state.

And the beauty is that we don't need anyone's permission to do it. We can start to live that way today just by deciding to do it. If we do then the Globalist Elite are screwed.

There is more than enough wealth for every one of us but we are separated from it by fear. And our fear makes us mean to others which gives them good reason to be fearful. Then their fear makes them mean which makes others fearful and mean. And around and around we go on the everlasting, ever perpetuating carousel of fear until someone shouts STOP !!!

Well I am shouting STOP right now. That's why I wrote this book. We don't have to go on living like this. There is a better way.

Money and Wealth - Maybe success in life is less about making money and more about developing ourselves into people who are of  value to others. Maybe its less about acquiring wealth and more about building a better world for all humankind.

Of course there is nothing wrong with wealth. The more we have the more we can help others and share. What's more, there is plenty for everyone, or at least there will be when selfish people stop hoarding it. Wealth is energy and energy needs to be allowed to flow freely. So let's help each-other to have enough, that's what being excellent to each-other really means. Nobody ever needs to live in poverty and it's up to every single one of us to ensure that nobody ever does live in poverty.

But money? That's a different thing entirely. Why do we need Money? What is it good for? Only one thing. Money enables us to keep score. It lets us tell who is winning and who is losing. That's it. Apart from that it does far more harm than good in the world.

Imagine if you will, some future world where people no longer care who is winning and who is losing. Imagine if you will, some future world were people gain status by putting more into society, rather than by taking more out for themselves (big house, fast car). Imagine if you will, some future world were people are generous, where they think "how much can I give" rather than "how much can I get". Imagine if you will, some future world were people live by the motto "Be excellent to each-other".

Such a world would have no need for money or barter. Everyone would make stuff or provide a service, to give away, freely, never counting the cost, in the knowledge that whatever goods and services they need will be given freely to them by other people.

I am not talking about a centrally planned economy here. I am not talking about some heavy handed, interfering government. People would be naturally incentivised to provide goods and services that are in demand because that's how status and respect are earned. Useless, vanity projects would earn zero respect or status.

All the jobs that are being done now will still need to be done, with the exception of banking, accountancy and finance. We will have no need for insurance either because when unforeseen events occur, everyone will rally round and help. Help will come first from local people but where a disaster hits a whole region or country, help will come flooding in from far and wide, everyone being excellent to each-other. That's the first and most important pillar of utopia - Be excellent to each-other.

Factory jobs will still exist. Stuff still needs to be manufactured, Some people are happiest when working with their hands, others prefer office work. There will be no difference in the status of these different jobs, why would there be? This is something we can start now, at school, teaching that manual work is just as important as white collar work.

Company politics will follow the first pillar of utopia - Be excellent to each-other. Managers will probably be called coordinators, it will be their job to ensure the company is manufacturing the things people actually want or need and to liaise with suppliers of parts and raw materials.

The world is not ready for such a system yet, too many people are too shallow and too greedy for such a system to work. The time will come, just not yet. First we have to work at removing the fear from peoples' lives and that's what the rest of this book is about.

But some people are ready for it now. There are Streetbank and Freecycle groups all over Britain and similar things in other countries. Type free economy into your favourite search engine and see what comes up.

These groups tend to be used to give away things people have bought and no longer need. The next step could be for people to make or grow stuff specifically to give away on these groups. Perhaps people could get together to run local free economies, like hippy communes only on a larger scale. My dream is to try out such a community on an island somewhere. One day. Anyone here got an island we can use?

If you want to explore these ideas further I highly recommend two books by Mark Boyle, The Moneyless Man and The Moneyless Manifesto.

Just because I want a money free world one day please don't think I am against wealth. Wealth is fantastic and I want each and every one of us to have a whole lot more of it to use for good. Most success coaches will tell you that money is an energy that allows you to be all that you can be. I say that wealth is an energy that allows you to be all that you can be. Money is just a token of exchange, a way to quantify wealth, a way of telling who is winning and losing at the wealth game.

Do you see the difference? In the futuristic Utopia I think we can one day attain, we won't care who is winning and who is losing. Indeed the focus will be outward, not inward. The motive of all generous, tolerant, broad-minded, loving people will be to maximise the wealth of their generous, tolerant, broad-minded, loving neighbours.

Of course we can't just turn off all the money computers today. There would be chaos. The people who hate their jobs, and that's a lot of people, would simply not turn up for work. Shops would be empty and people would starve. We need to be a bit more cleaver than that. We need to start slowly and build up to it over several years. I am writing the first draft of this chapter in 2017. I propose Winter Solstice 2075 as Utopia Day. That will give us ten years to get this little book into the hands of millions of people worldwide, especially the decision makers, captains of industry, school teachers and university lectures. We really need to begin teaching our youngsters these principles right away.

Then we have a further 48 years for the kids starting school in ten years time to grow up and have kids of their own and for those kids to grow up. It also gives us time for all the boring, unpleasant jobs to be taken over by machines.

We don't live in that world yet but for reasons I explain in this book, I still want us to focus on helping other generous, tolerant, broad-minded, loving people before ourselves. Apart from the moral imperative, its easier to create wealth when you want to use it to help others. So let's not scare money away now by thinking it's bad. It isn't the money that's bad at all. Its the greed and selfishness that are bad. In fact having money in today's world is extremely empowering so long as we use it for good.

So let’s take a look at some of the other things we can do to remove the fear from our lives and replace it with love. Continue reading ..........

Love not Fear

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