Love not Fear
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Let me briefly clear up any confusion you may have between the terms WOKE and AWAKENED. A lot of people think the terms are synonymous whereas in truth they are quite different (over and above the bad grammar).

There are a lot of beautiful souls, well meaning people, rallying behind slogans such as "we are all one" and "one race, the human race". These are noble sentiments and I commend their vision. I really do. These are good people, mostly. I too want to build such a utopian world, eventually. I too am committed to working towards such a future.

But there are dark, sinister forces at large in the world working to exploit such idealism for their nefarious purposes. These forces are plotting to bring about a totalitarian world government, sometimes called The New World Order.

As a commited anarchist it pains me to have to admit that the best defence we have against the New World Order is our present network of free, independent nation states. At least for the time being.

Which beings me back to the idea that we are all one. Yes we are, but we are also individual expressions of The One. That's why globalist one-size-fits-all solutions don't work.

The reality is that we stand at a fork in the road. We are living in a world comprised of some 200 independent nations.

One fork will lead us through the land of ever smaller, more accountable nation states, 200 becoming 400, becoming 800, becoming 1600, loosing power each time until they eventually dissipate, resulting in the anarchist utopia we dream of where decision making is local and cooperative. This is the Awakened route.

The other fork leads us away from that, into a dystopian "progressive" nightmare where a totally unaccountable world government imposes one-size-fits-all policies on us all.

This is the Woke route advocated by George Soros, Bill Gates, the Rothschilds et al who hate free speech and basic human dignity.

Like I say, most Woke people are well meaning, beautiful souls who have no idea that they are being used by the globalist elite.

Both camps want to unite the world but one wants increasing freedom whereas the other wants to unite the world under the iron grip of the 1% of the 1%. Don't be taken in by the globalist propaganda.

Please choose wisely in the knowledge that once enslaved, we will have no escape. Choose wisely.

Love not Fear

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